Children of the 70's

We're the children of the 70's
And for that time we're glad
It may not seem like much today
But it was all we had
Yes, it was all we had

Too young to be a hippie
Too nice to be a punk
I rebelled on principle
From all that disco junk
The sixties left me speechless
The eighties left me poor
But I still have my eight-tracks
Though they don't play anymore

The decade of my childhood
Has been misunderstood
Some say it was awful
Some say pretty good
I wrote this song of tribute
The truth for all to see
So if you share these memories
Then sing along with me  (CHORUS 1)

My heroes were bionic
Worth a cool six mil
They could make a Trans Am
Look like it was standing still
I tuned in to Gilligan
Though I was never sure
Why did Ginger pack so much
For a three-hour tour

We had the best of neighbors
Though now the memories fade
The Bunkers and the Jeffersons
Boy, we had it made
If you investigate my roots
And find a plastic tree
Blame it on the Brady Bunch
And Donny and Marie  (CHORUS 1)

It's easy to look back and laugh
At the way we were back then
But history repeats itself
So sing it out again  (CHORUS 1)

We're the children of the 70's
Listen to us roar
We learned to focus on ourselves
No wonder we were bored
No wonder we were bored

1995 Mark Kelly Hall