More Than a Friend

I’ve memorized your favorite movies
You’ve heard how all my stories end
Just one secret separates us
I want more than just a friend

I have a history with heartache
Love has left me black and blue
But I've been working up the courage
To tell you what I see in

More than a friend
You're the one I thought I’d never find
Better than I pictured in my mind
Baby, until now I’ve been so blind
More than a friend
Love is what we're all created for
A world of love is waiting at your door
And no one else on earth could love you more
More than a friend

People ask me if we're dating
I shake my head and smile
I wish I could shout it from the rooftops
I'm so tired of living in denial (CH)

We stayed up and talked for hours
(You know the time flew by so quickly)
Until tonight became today
(I guess it carried me away)
Was I awake or was I dreaming
What did you really say
(What did you really say)
Tell me…did you really say... (CH)

Mark Kelly Hall