The Israelites ate manna in the desert
It came to them just like the morning dew
It didn't have a name
But they ate it just the same
Given the alternatives, I guess I would have, too
No one had too much and none too little
Talk about your wonder bread
It kept them all alive
Until they all arrived
And though they were a stubborn lot
Still someone might have said

I thank God for this whatchamacallit
Perhaps I don't need labels in this place
It's a brand new thing
This world has never seen
A sweet reminder of His daily grace
Adam had it made there in the Garden
Luxuriating in primeval bliss
Creatures great and small
He'd given names to all
And yet he couldn't say what seemed amiss
God decided man would need a helper
And woke him with a wonderful surprise
She was one of Adam's kind
So suitably designed
Excitedly, delightedly he began to verbalize  (CH 1)
Until I come to terms with our endearment
These insufficient lines will have to do
And though I'd like to say it all more clearly
It seems that I can only think of euphemisms
I thank God for this whatchamacallit
I don't know what the future holds in store
He leads me into hunger
To feed me from His hand
And I discover what I'm longing for
I discover what I'm longing for

1997 Mark Kelly Hall